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The Ouija Board predicted who I would marry

Many years ago, I was in a failing marriage and decided to find out from the Ouija Board what the future held in store for me.

I had a friend who had exactly the same birthday as me and we were the same age, so we were spiritually compatible and got the Ouija Board out.

I asked it: “Will I get married again?” “Yes” it answered.

“What will be my next husband’s name?” “David” it said.

“When will I meet David?” “You will meet David on 12th May.” (This date was still three months away). “And he will change your life.”

The Ouija Board went on to predict: “David will be in your life in September and, in October, you will be very happy.”

I found this very confusing: the Ouija Board told me I would meet David in May, but he would be in my life in September and then I would be happy in October. I just couldn’t understand it.

However, all became clear! With the breaking up of my first marriage, we had to sell our house, which had been advertised in a Sunday paper. On Sunday 12th May, a potential purchaser called to have a look around.

He ultimately bought the house and his name was David!

When the house sale was completed, my first husband and I moved out. So David changed my life by buying the matrimonial home and enabling my husband and me to move out and go our separate ways.

But, as you may guess, this was not the David who was to be my next husband. The confusion arose because the Ouija Board predicted two Davids!

After I had moved out of the marital home in August, I moved into a rented 3-bed cottage, which I shared with the owner. He had one bedroom, I had another and the third bedroom was vacant and ready for a new person to come along and join our house-share.

In September, our new house-share person was found. His name was David!

We were both coming out of failed relationships and we became friends.

Then David was sent overseas for work and our relationship grew over the phone at a distance through September – he was definitely in my life!

David returned back to this country on 1st October and we took our relationship to the next level! So, in October, I was very happy!


That was 46 years ago, two children and one grandson later and we are retired and still together! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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