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Fiona Scott’s Podcast with me

I was so excited recently to have been asked to do one of Fiona Scott’s famous Podcasts. Mine is Episode 22 and is called “Why We Love The Story Behind Every Product with Chris Roberts MBE”.

Please grab a cup of tea or coffee and take a listen to find out some of my own personal stories!

Fiona says: “I’m thrilled to bring you Episode 22 of my PRNotBS Podcast series. I’m joined by my friend and fellow journalist Chris Roberts MBE!

“Chris is a Gloucestershire-based journalist and community activist who only now – years after the fact – is ready to think of herself as a writer and storyteller. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out why!

“You can find Chris at her website https://chrisrobertsmbe.co.uk/ and on her social media platforms sharing the latest news in her community.”

To listen to the podcast, click on the link below and scroll down to Podcast no. 13.

>> Click here to listen to Episode 22

Fiona’s podcast hit over 1,100 downloads recently and she is committed to introducing you to inspiring guests. She said: “You’re going to love hearing some of Chris’s stories!”

>> Click here to listen to Episode 22

Come and join in the conversation, listen to the podcast and let me know your thoughts, or write a review and share them with me on social.


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