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November talk with Chris Roberts MBE

It’s nearly December, but you can still read my November Talk with Chris Roberts MBE.

In the interview, I talk about my business highlights for November 22 and how I’ve ventured into a slightly new field of journalism and also talk about my personal highlights with the Fairford Festival of Fiction.

Sarah McIntyre and Paul Cornell 2017

Read about some of my charity work and the work I am doing in the community at the moment. That was how I got my MBE – for community work in Fairford.

Of course, during the interview, we had to touch on the turmoil in the economy, the government and the cost of living. How it has affected my business and my personal life. I share my top tip for being positive in the midst of a lot of negativity and mention some acts of kindness I have received from Yuksel Pain of Turkishwares.

There are several awareness days and special weeks in November including Black Friday and I explain what these days mean to me and how I react to them.

Lots of excitement to look back on in November and forward to in December. Read the article to discover what these are.

I am hoping that most people know my strap line by now. However, in case you don’t, it is ‘I like to poke my nose into other people’s business and then make up stories about them!” I explain in the interview why this strap line is so relevant to me.

Here is the link to the interview: https://www.totalswindon.com/news/november-talk-with-chris-roberts-mbe/.

Sincere thanks to Total Guide to Swindon and Fiona Scott.


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