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Which is the best sanitiser on the market against Covid?



Since the outbreak of Covid-19, sales of hand sanitisers have soared and, in some cases, supermarkets have had to start limiting the number of sanitisers that you can buy at any one time. Hand sanitisers can certainly help to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus, but not all sanitisers are the same or have the same level of effectiveness.

There are two main types of hand sanitisers – alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Alcohol is well-known to be able to kill most germs, and alcohol-based hand sanitisers usually contain varying amounts and types of alcohol – usually between 60%-95%.

Aktivora is an alcohol-free Super Sanitiser using an amazing ‘seek and destroy’ technology supplied by the highly respected Tetbury-based company, Insight Medical Products Limited that celebrated its 20th anniversary in business last year.

Wayne Hillman, Managing Director of Insight, said: “Alcohol can evaporate quite quickly, so alcohol-based hand sanitisers could lose their effectiveness when the alcohol disperses. With Aktivora, there isn’t that problem as our ‘seek and destroy’ technology breaks up and dismantles germs and viruses, making it extremely difficult for them to build up any resistance to Aktivora.”

Aktivora hand sanitiser to counteract the Covid-19 virus
Aktivora Hand Sanitiser

With more shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and other retail premises opening fully from 17th May, Wayne believes that Aktivora’s alcohol-free formula is the best way to reduce and eliminate any germs that stands in the way! “It’s not just the indoor hospitality sector that can benefit from Aktivora, but it can also be used by museums, cinemas, cleaning companies and hospitals,” explained Wayne. “I know I’m biased because we supply this Super Sanitiser, but I really do believe that Aktivora is better than anything else on the market.”

Being based on the cusp of Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Avon and Wiltshire with Wales and Oxford only a stone’s throw away, Wayne is eager to supply Aktivora locally to help the local business community emerge from lockdown and open up safely.

Wayne admitted that Aktivora may cost a little more, but the ‘seek and destroy’ technology of Aktivora lays down an invisible protective layer on surfaces, which is recharged with each application, and thus actually saves time and money. He said: “Buying a cheaper product could well be a false economy especially when people’s health and wellbeing are at stake.” Prices for Aktivora hand sanitisers start at £5.60 for 100ml, but larger quantities for surface spray start at £16 for one litre excluding VAT.

Aktivora hand and surface sanitiser helping the spread of the Covid-19 virus in hospitality outlets e.g. pubs, hotel,s restaurants
Aktivora surface spray great in pubs and other hospitality

For more information about Aktivora, contact Wayne Hillman at 01666 500055,


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