Bulldogs are a national treasure

During these Covid-19 days of lockdown and home-working, many companies are looking internally at what can be done to give them the edge in the digital market when the world starts to move towards normality again. Other people are starting up innovative businesses or changing their existing mode of business to adapt to the different circumstances and need a website to advertise the new venture.

It’s not enough to have a website and use it for several years without updating it, monitoring traffic, re-assessing the ease of access round the site, creating social media links or optimising your images. This is where a trusted website designer comes in handy! Remember we have endured ‘lockdown’ not ‘shutdown’.

I have known the team behind Bulldog Websites for many years. They are a family business consisting of husband and wife, Jamie and Emma Tuck and Emma’s dad, Colin Hooper. When I say I have known them for many years, my family and I moved into a house at the end of Colin’s garden about 27 years ago and Jamie and Emma went to school with my own children!

When you click on their website, the home page says ‘mobile friendly websites and very friendly people’. And they are – they really are! Nothing is too much trouble whether you are discussing a new website, updating an old website, need a bit help with Mailchimp or WordPress or even an email problem that is causing grief. Emma has the patience of Job and I have never heard her tut, swear or get cross – and I’ve given her plenty to swear about over the years!

The home page goes on to say ‘Responsive website design from a family team in the heart of the Cotswolds’. It is extremely useful having a really good website designer ‘in the heart of the Cotswolds’ and even more convenient having Colin just next door, especially as he has often popped across to help me with a problem without a moments’ hesitation. Obviously not everyone can live right next door to the Bulldog team, but Jamie, Emma and Colin are always more than happy to meet up and discuss your requirements – just give them a ring on 01285 616066 or email them: hello@bulldogwebsites.co.uk.

Bulldog Websites
Jamie, Emma & Colin – the Bulldog team
Photo by Paredes Photography

Bulldog Websites have for many years been members of Fairford & Lechlade Business Club (FLBClub), which I founded back in 2006 and they have received several accolades in the annual Business Club Awards – I’m not one of the judges by the way! If these Bulldogs had tails to wag, they would have been wagging them at every single one of the Awards Ceremonies they have attended!

Emma also went out of her way to help five FLBClub members during lockdown when Nigel Chute, Barry Jackson, Allison Murray, Fiona Scott and I asked them to design a website for an initiative to help students who had missed out on their exams. The initiative – The Cotswold Challenge – was put together in a hurry and Bulldog Websites designed and launched a fabulous website for the Challenge in just a couple of weeks. Talk about working under pressure! Does nothing faze this trio of website geniuses?

On Bulldog’s website, you will see that they have ‘often been affectionately referred to as a dog with a bone’ priding themselves on their attention to detail and excellent customer service. In my book, they are definitely a bona fide website designer or should I say ‘Bone Fido!’

If you Google ‘Bulldog’, it says a Bulldog is a dog with ‘low intelligence’!! Well that can’t be right in the case of Bulldog Websites!! However, this Google description does then go on to say: ‘In reality, they (Bulldogs) are unfairly labelled as they show high adaptive and instinctive intelligence.’ That’s more like it! Another description says: ‘Bulldogs are thought to be national treasures.’ I would second that! Definitely a treasure and worth their weight in gold locally.