Two seasonal guided walks at Calcot & Spa

Calcot & Spa, the luxurious country hotel nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds near Tetbury, is launching a ‘Dusk Nature Walk & Talk’ and ‘Early Bird Nature Walk’.

Calcot & Spa

This is part of its ground-breaking rewilding initiative aimed at rejuvenating and restoring the natural beauty of the hotel’s surroundings. This project reflects Calcot’s commitment to sustainability, conservation and environmental impact. Through the walks, Calcot & Spa hopes to share the magical nature they have nurtured for many years.

In 2012, the hotel undertook the planting of over 21,930 native trees and the creation of a new woodland area, which brought exciting news of an increasing number of fare and endangered species spotted within their grounds as well as an abundance of butterflies, moths and wildflowers. In the Spring of 2023, around 800 hedgerow plugs of native hawthorn, blackthorn and crab apple were planted.

Also since the Spring of this year, the project has gained five hives of Calcot bees and the hotel has enjoyed its second golden harvest of honey – clearly the bees have enjoyed feeding well within the meadowland, the abundance of dandelions and other wildflowers.

Collecting honey from the bee hives

In tandem with rewilding efforts, Calcot & Spa is implementing sustainable practices throughout the property. These include reduced water usage, energy efficiency measures and waste reduction initiatives.

Visitors to the hotel and locals alike are very welcome to book on to one or both of the natural walks this winter.

The Dusk Nature Walk & Talk is on Thursday December 14 and Friday December 29 and costs £15.

Visit for a nature walk at dusk with local naturalist Ed Drewitt to discover and identify the different wildlife which can be seen and heard around the rewilded grounds of Calcot as the sun starts to go down. From 3pm-5pm, explore with Ed around part of the 220 acres rewarded with a warming and very welcome mulled wine and mince pie in The Hive after – an opportunity to discuss further the sights and sounds of the fabulous landscape in front of the fire.

Ed Drewitt

The Early Bird Nature Walk is on Wednesday April 24 and Wednesday May 8 and costs £30.

Dawn chorus walk

Wildlife expert, Ed Drewitt will guide you on an early bird nature walk (from 6am-8am, the optimal part of the day to fully enjoy natures chorus at its best) highlighting the plethora of flora and fauna to be enjoyed on their doorstep. Having undertaken the rewilding journey over 20 years ago, Calcot is proud to be home to many rare farmland nesting birds and Ed will bring this to life on his incredibly knowledgeable foray around some of our 220 acres. Followed by coffee and a light breakfast in The Hive with the opportunity to talk more nature with Ed and the team.

For more information about the walks and to book, please visit the website: https://calcot.co/.


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